Google Apps: A Complete Collaboration tool

Stay Connected.
“Work Smarter & Faster”

Google Apps is a single web-base platform and powerful collaborate application your company needs. Staying connected at ease across the team, company and location by using a set of applications such as Gmail, Google talk, Google Drive, Google Doc etc, and helps increase efficiency by streamlining daily task.

Google Apps, not just saving your cost but also helps you achieve better results. It accelerates your company’s work process as all documents are saved in The Cloud. This allows all employees to edit files in real time and always have access to the latest’s version of information. This application has an automated back-up and update system every time you long in. Google Apps leaves no space for out-dated hardware and software.

Designed to secure the data it uses an extra layer of Two Factor Authentication, which reduces the risk of hackers. This Apps in case of a natural disaster, Google Apps has built-in Robust Disaster Recovery System. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Guarantees 99.99% availability with zero schedule down time.

Google Apps Features:


Gmail is Google’s Email service. It provides 30 gigabytes per storage space, which you may never run out of space. You can customize your Email address to suit you and your company for example, [email protected].

Gmail is not just an ordinary email system; it is Inbox user-friendly, time saving and as helpful as possible.
Bringing all service into your inbox, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google News, Google Contacts, Hangout (online meeting) and more, Gmail when come across an address in an email, it will create a link to lead you to Google Map.

Gmail is designed to runs on any devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) and in three modes, online, offline, and “flaky connection” for those times when you can’t count on a good signal.
If any message is sent to you when you are offline, your message will be sent when you reconnect.

Imagine everything you need for productivity and efficiency is right in front of you for easy access. Better workflow, guaranteed.

Google Calendar:

You don’t want to miss out on any events or meetings! Google Calendar makes it easy to schedule event, meeting and manages your RSVP. It also allows the team to view who is available and block of appointment slots so people can see your preferred meeting time.

Google Calendar with any mobile phone or tablet, you can access Google Calendar with a web browser. You can access Google Calendar when you are office and it will automatically update any changes when you are online. Google Calendar automatically syncs any desktop calendar application like, Microsoft Outlook®, Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird.

Google Drive:

You can create presentations, documents, spread sheet and edit work together in real time on the same document. Google Drive also allows you to discuss, create and reply to comments to get feedback for any files to enhance collaboration amongst users. Search for your content by keyword, Google Drive helps you get to your files faster. It even detects objects in your images and text in scanned documents.
Can’t send a file or a folder because it’s too big? Say bye to attaching files and send a link from Google Drive in your Gmail. Simple and easy. Microsoft Office is not needed to access any of your files, Google Drive can be access though web page. iPhone, Android, and any kind of table, you can send file on the move.

Google Site:

Google Site is a great communication tool for organization to share and edit with team, partner or even customers. You can even control information visibility. Single-click to create a page and dozens of pre-built template with customize look and feel. Your team can organize from company’s information, documents, calendar, presentations, videos and more. Google being a powerful search engine, searching anything on the site is easy.

Security and reliability with features like encrypted connection to Google’s server, Google Site simultaneous replicated storage for your sites, real-time file save and a built-in disaster recovery.

Google Apps on Mobile: Google on the moves

Using a smart phone? Take Google along with you. Google Apps can be accessed on any mobile devices.

Google Apps Mobile Management lets the administrator enforce polices over the user mobile. The administrator can control secure policies across all user devices. Settings can be customized to different group of users for company’s information visibility.
With Mobile Management, you can manage your mobile fleet with the following features:
– Granular policies: Configure mobile settings at the organizational unit level
– Device activation: Control what devices can connect to your users’ Google Apps data
– Device console: View all mobile devices in your domain connecting with Google Sync or Android Sync.
Google Apps Mobile Management covers Android and Google Sync devices, including iOS, Windows Phone, any type of smart phones and tablets using Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync®.

Google Sync

Google Sync is a service of synchronization of information Google provides for service users. Using any devices from PC, mobiles, or tablets it will sync your Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Drives. Changes on one device will back up to the Google Account; Google Sync is a bidirectional service. Incase of loosing any devices, your data is securely stored.