1.) What kind of services Intellect Systems are offering ?

Intellect Systems is offering a variety of IT Services from IT managed support to hosting services.

2.) Are you also offering services regarding emails ?

Yes, we do. We help customers implement, setup and maintain the email system from 5 to more than 10000 email accounts. We also offer Anti-Spam system to secure your emails.

3.) What about email migration ?

We have experts specialized in email migration for all platforms :
– Lotus Notes to GoogleApps ( Vice versa )
– Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange ( Vice versa )
– GoogleApps to Microsoft Online 365
– Microsoft Exchange to Zimbra
– Zimbra to Microsoft Online 365

4.) What is IT managed support ?

We basically become your IT partner. Your daily issues become our priority to solve them in order to get you a flawless workflow. We don’t impose our policy to you. On the contrary we try to find the best solution to fit your needs. If you do not wish to have onsite visits, we are also offering IT Remote Support package as well.

5.) Do you have to be onsite to solve the issues ?

No. we are available through our daily hotline ( Monday to Friday ). Intellect Systems has its own remote support tool so that we can efficiently help you for all kinds of issues.

6.) I don’t have a backup of my datas or emails, what should I do ?

Backup implementation is part of our daily routine job. We will help you find the best way to secure your datas & emails by setting up a local backup or even a cloud backup.

7.) But what if some natural disaster happens, how can you secure the site ?

We have a team of experts who will train you on how to react in that kind of situation. And we will implement a DR Site ( Disaster Recovery ) so that you are able to work if your main site were to be unreachable.