Anti-Spam Solution

Mayflower Software’s SpamSentinel – A native Lotus Notes and Domino anti-spam/anti-virus solution

Now you can block viruses at your email gateway along with your spam messages using one solution that is simple to install and manage.

SpamSentinel is a very, very low administration product, mostly due to our database on all known spam (the largest database of spam in the world). Combined with our 100% Lotus Notes management features and Quarantine database, you have one of the easiest to use products with the least administration effort. That is something for Domino Administrators to cheer about!

How Does SpamSentinel Block Spam?

SpamSentinel is a dual engine solution. We use a community of over 10 million people in 160 countries who work together (Cloudmark Technologies) along with a reputation engine (Commtouch), to block 99.5% of all spam. Our latest version, Version 7.6, includes a third check to further increase accuracy. It brings back the use of RBLs to break the tie when our dual engines don’t agree. This method means that SpamSentinel better categorizes the mail which results in increased ease of administration and less spam/mail that requires verification.


SpamSentinel requires very little daily administration. There are NO rules to configure, NO training of the software, NO blocking via content, subject or word. Administrators should resist the urge to “make it better”. The dual engines adjust to new spam in real time, so constant ‘tweaking’ of the configuration is unnecessary.

  • Simple installation. Works right out of the box to block over 99% of spam. No need for software training or complicated word/domain blocking
  • Native Notes databases, no extra application training for your administrators or users ‘Self-healing’ – monitors itself for potential problems and attempts to fix them.
  • Daily Admin report lets you see statistics at a glance
  • Auto-update keeps your files current
  • Native Notes databases, no extra application training for administrators or end-users.
  • Proactive monitoring by MayFlower support team and auto-update service.


The reporting tool allows users to receive a summary of spam that has been stopped for them. They can view, release and white list their own blocked email without the need of a separate log-in or help desk assistance. The Quarantine database is secure so that users will only see messages that were sent to them.

Optional Anti-virus

SpamSentinel provides a combined version that includes an optional, traditional anti-virus component from Norman Data Defense Systems ( Norman’s ‘Sandbox Technology’ protects against zero-day threats and will co-exist with existing anti-virus solutions, offering a second level of defense against virus infected email. This option can be enabled or disabled during installation, or at any other time in the configuration document.