OnQ Disaster Recovery Appliance


High Availibity Disaster Recovery

The onQ appliance is the building block of our HA, DR, and DRaaS capabilities.

The onQ appliance maintains up-to-date ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your critical systems that can run right on the appliance, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes.

onQ supports deployment options to enable granular data backup and recovery, local HA, DR with a pair of appliances and One-Click Recovery via synchronization with the Quorum onQ cloud.


Easy Continuity & Comfort

  • One-Click Recovery system
  • One-Click Testing
  • Replicates anywhere—compressed & encrypted
  • Protection for storage, system & site failures Integrated server monitoring
  • Email and text alerts Scheduled email health reports [/column]

Scheduled email health reports

  • Full local backup of entire system
  • Supports physical and virtual servers
  • Sub file-level incremental updates
  • Global deduplication at source
  • Powerful exclusion rules
  • Restore to any snapshot level
  • File-level recovery to any snapshot level
  • Windows Share Restore Exchange Mail Restore 

Flexible Deployment Local, Remote or Both

  • Bandwidth throttling Internal and External storage
  • No GB or monthly storage charges
  • Supports all apps without add-ons

Disaster Recovery Solution

Placing a Quorum® OnQ Hybrid cloud or an onQ appliance at a remote facility- your own or that from a provider- offers complete One-Click Recovery. Your onQ HA appliance will synchronize updates with the cloud or the OnQ DR appliance after each update-automatically, efficient and securely.


If your primary site goes off-line for any reason, your administrator will be alerted and with a single click the onQ™ virtual Recovery Node(s) will transparently take over. Your users will be reconnected to their applications and data within minutes. With our super-efficient incremental updates and always – current merge technology, your recovery nodes’ applications and data can be as current as 15 minutes (RPO as little as 15 minutes).

Quorum is a private and independent US software manufacturer and we have signed a partner agreement for Intellect Systems to supply and support our onQ technology in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Quorum commit to provide second line support to all Intellect Systems onQ customers in the region and we also have a global hardware contract which guarantees next day replacement on any faulty hardware component.